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Country Music In Britain- She Drives is the third Cd released by Canadian singer/songwriter Debbie Bergeron. Ten tracks all written by Debbie. The powerful opening track, "Everything is Gone" is being played on radio across Europe. A warning to all guys - she is tired of waiting for her man coming home and moves out and he finds Everything Is Gone (she even took the dog) - you can feel the anger. I can hear Reba singing this one. The tempo drops to the haunting sounds of Lone Rider the lonely cowboy thinking back on his life of not wanting to be tied down. Ten tracks taking you through various emotion of woman /man relations My Heart's Not In It she is with the wrong man to the catchy Ring Ring Telephone Ring - they have a fight and finally she puts her pride aside and gives him a call and leaves a message but why doesn't he ring back the final track and title track She Drives - it's Friday night, he comes home drunk but she cannot fight the demon in him anymore so She Drives. Every track is top quality backed by top musicians, some lovely dobro and mandolin, and Debbie's powerful clear vocals this is the best CD I have heard for a long time.

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